IMPACT with Dan Renwick

IMPACT is designed to give partcipants with an existing knowledge of English a deep grounding in practical speaking that can be used in social and professional situations. The strength of the course is its use of improvisation and theatre techniques which aims students to be more self-confident and fluent in the English language.

Language is often taught as a science whereas it is more appropriate to approach it as an art form. One can communicate the same information in a multitude of different ways and all of them can be correct.

Communication is the reason we learn foreign languages. If a language student has no desire or confidence to speak then communication will be extremely difficult and progress will be slow and stunted. With more focus on speaking and listening with live reactions, there will be quicker retention of language rules, realisation of word order and increased vocabulary.

Dan Renwick

IMPACT uses practical exercises such as Improtheater based on Keith Johnstones theatresport, group problem solving, language exploration activities and creative games that ensure that there is the maximum potential for language retention, improvement and enjoyment. There will be no specific grammar taught, no chairs, tables or overhead projectors. No chalk, whiteboards or hand raising to answer questions. The course is practical and will increase your spontaneity, fluency and self-confidence.

This course will :

👉  increase your spontaneity, fluency and self confidence in the English language.
👉  provide an environment where you can create, learn, fail and improve all while enjoying the English language. 
👉  give you practical speaking skills you can use straight away.

The course is led by Dan Renwick. Dan is an Australian born circus, theatre and language trainer. With an extensive improvisational theatre background, awards including ‘Most exciting circus talent 2001’ and being an Associate of the ISAAC school and Acting and Creativity, he has plenty of experience from which to draw. He has performed and held workshops all over the world.

This course has been run at Tallinn University Summer and Winter Schools, Transferwise, Estonian Culture Academy (Animation and Interior Architechture departments) Helsinki Secondary School (Yhteislyseo)…