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FRiNGE Show, 22. May @ Von Krahl
Show @ 1900fringepostera3print

For just one night only, you’ll get a proper, colourful, varied mix of high class old school vaudeville style entertainment.
Meelis Kubo and Charlekas will bemuse, confuse and have you scratching your noggin a lot as they wow you with their unique style of magic.

Affinity Starr and Foxy Suzy will tease and please you with their Burlesque stylings and butter melting moves.

Dan le Man will be popping in and out, inserting random silliness and generally keeping the evening moving.

It’s simple, live, easy, accessible entertainment for adults. There’s something for everyone. Yes, even you…

Tickets 10€

Language : Estonian, English, Estonglish and pillow talk.

This is a Fringe style event. What’s Fringe? http://opentsirkusstage.eu/fringe/


Laat + Tsirkus, 27. May @ Tartu Uus Teater
1230, Parade
1330, Circus Olympics
1415 – 1815, Workshops
1930 – 2130, Open Fringe Show
2130 – 2200, Fire Show

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